Meet the Holohans

Really it all started on a cement block underneath the drooping Spanish moss, which hung from the oak trees on a hot Savannah morning. That's where Chris and I got married and our adventure began. Fast forward...through traveling the States in an RV doing sketch comedy, moving to South Africa as missionaries in a performing arts group, touring a small part of Europe, and moving to Arizona with our two African Great Danes...almost 8 years later to the day our first baby was born. First came Harper. Then Kinley. Then Foster. 
We adore these kids. And let me tell you, they're cute. Of course I think so, that's what you're thinking...but we're all redheads. All five of us. (You have to admit, it's cute. Pale, but cute!) We live in the mountains. We love to laugh. We love camping, but not so much with babies. (Who's with me?) We are imperfect Christians who really want people to know that God loves them. And we're crazy. My husband hates spending money, unless he's buying something ridiculously expensive, like a motorcycle or mountain bike. I lose my phone every 5 minutes. Harper has her own fashion, including but not limited to a combination of one blue flip flop, one purple flip flop, black pants with pink roses, a green vintage T-shirt with Raggedy Anne and Andy that I used to wear, and a massive flowered headband in her hair. Kinley, quite the opposite, hates clothes in general...discarding them completely any chance she gets. And then there's our boy Foster, a modern-day caveman-baby. There's really no better way to explain him. 
In April, Chris and I decided to resign from our jobs. Things have been a-changin', and we have been a-prayin'. And although we are unsure what jobs await us next, we are trusting in God to direct our path. This blog started out several years ago when we started having kids, documenting our lives as new parents. Now, it has become a journey blog. We may not always be traveling, but we will always be on a journey...starting with a cross-country road trip with the kids to visit family and friends over summer break. If you'd like to help us along, please go to our Merch page and check out the awesome designs Chris has been working on. We're excited to have you read along as we figure out what's next!

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